McDuff, the Talking Dog


Jack Lester

Voice of McDuff

Walter Willison

Dr. Calvin Campbell

Michelle Stacy

Kimmy Campbell

Gordon Jump

Amos Ferguson

Johnnie Collins III


Monty Margetss

Mrs. Osgood

Air Dates:

On NBC, from 9/11/76 - 11/20/76

Number of Episodes:

13 episodes (only 11 aired)

Plot Synopsis:

McDuff, a ghost of an old English sheep dog, lived in/haunted the home of Dr. Calvin Cambell, a veterinarian. Also living in the home were Kimmy, Calvin's little sister, and Mrs. Osgood, the house keeper. Amos Ferguson was the Cambell's neighbor and Squeaky was his young nephew. Besides being able to talk to other animals, McDuff could also talk to Calvin. However, Calvin was the only human who could hear McDuff - which led to a variety of wacky situations.


This show was part of a 3 hour block of live action shows (McDuff, Monster Squad, Land of the Lost, Big John, Little John, Kids from C.A.P.E.R., and Muggsy) that NBC had at the beginning of the Fall 1976 season. After a behind the scenes change over, NBC changed their schedule after less than 3 months. The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. were put on hiatus until April 77 (when Muggsy was taken off of the line up), and McDuff was cancelled (the last two episodes were never aired). None of the shows returned the following season (reruns of Land of the Lost did come back the following year).

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Kimmy &
Mrs. Osgood
Squeaky & Amos
McDuff &
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Like most of the non-Krofft/Filmation shows, this show vanished after one season and to my knowledge, hasn't been rerun since. As far as I can tell, only one episode from 16 mm is circulating around in trading circles.

If anyone has access to other episodes, please contact me.

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