Space Academy

Jonathan Harris Commander Isaac Gampu
Pamelyn FerdinCadet Laura Gentry
Ric CarrottCaptain Chris Gentry
Ty HendersonLieutenant Paul Jerome
Maggie CooperCadet Adrian
Brian TochiCadet Tee Gar
Eric GreeneLoki

Air Dates:
On CBS from 9/10/77 - 9/1/79

Number of Episodes:15

Plot Synopsis:
A group of young adults with various powers, skills, and backgrounds came together at the Space Academy. Under the guidance of Commander Isaac Gampu, the crew of Space Academy encountered new lifeforms, planets and civilization as part of their training and mission. One of the first things they encountered was Loki, a young boy with the power of invisibility. Aiding the team in their mission was Peepo, a short robot with its own personality. Each adventure provided a learning experience for the crew and almost all of the stories had a moral to them (it was produced by Filmation, so it should be expected).


Like a lot of the other shows of this era, Space Academy used a familiar face as the lead actor(s). In this case, Filmation had Jonathan Harris as the star of the show. Best known for playing Dr. Smith in Lost in Space, Harris was no stranger to Saturday morning television. Prior to Space Academy, he provided the voice for Uncle Martin on My Favorite Martians, was a regular on Uncle Croc's Block, and made two guest appearances as Fagin on Ark II. Pamelyn Ferdin was also a veteran of childrens' television; besides being the voice of Lucy on the various Charlie Brown specials, she provided voices for the Roman Holidays and Sealab 2020, starred in the Curiosity Shop, and made a guest appearance in an episode of Shazam!. Prior to Space Academy, Pamelyn and Brian Tochi appeared together in the Star Trek episode "And the Children Shall Lead".

Another Filmation show, Jason of Star Command, was a spin off of Space Academy and it took place on the same planet/rock and used some of the same props, ships, sets, costumes, and music (Filmation used the same background music for most of their shows).

(May 2012)
Space Academy is currently airing on KTV channel. Go here for more info.
(October 2008)
For those that haven't already purchased the Space Academy box set, it has been re-released, at a lower price combined with the Ark II and Jason of Star Command box sets, as the Filmation Sci-Fi Box Set.

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The Space Academy box set was released on January 16, 2007. Besides every episode of the series, the box set includes commentary on the first two episodes from cast members Brian Tochi, Eric Greene, and Ric Carrot, executive producer Lou Scheimer, and special effects supervisor Chuck Comisky, as well as other interviews clips and a documentary on the series. You can order the set from Amazon here.

Older News:

Terry is writing a book about Space Academy. Terry is interested in any details veiwers might remember about the show, specifically the layout of the Seeker and the Asteroid If you can help Terry out, please send an email.

Jim Small has created a model of the Seeker from the series. To view pictures of the model and to find out how to get one, check out his site.

In addition to the Seeker model, an elaborately detailed set of plans for the Seeker are now available as a two poster set. To view the plans and find out how to get them, click here. Plans for the Space Academy planetoid and Peepo are also in the works. If anyone can give him any assistance, contact Pat by email.

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Commander Gampu
Laura Gentry
Chris Gentry
Paul Jerome
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On October 28, 2008, the Space Academy set was re-released and repackaged, along with the Ark II and Jason of Star Command sets, as the Filmation Sci-Fi Box Set.

The Space Academy box setwas released on January 16, 2007. You can order the set from Amazon here.

The Sci-Fi Channel UK aired the series on Sunday mornings in the 90s, but I don't know of any other showings at this time.

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