Links to other 70s Kids' Shows

Banana Splits

Davey and Goliath

Electric Company

Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show


Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

New Zoo Review

Sesame Street


Another (and really funny) Superfriends site

General 70s/TV Links

Dee-T's 70s Page
Great site for all of your 70s needs, with music, photos, and recollections.

Internet Movie Database
One of the best sites on the net - a great place for tv/movie info.

Jedi's Paradise - Childrens TV from the Past
A UK-centric site devoted to Childrens TV.

The King of TV
The homepage of Paul Goebel, TV Land's Ultimate Fan for 2001.

Krofft Superstars Webring
Links to all the sites with Krofft-related content.

Mego Museum
If you watched tv on Saturday mornings in the 70s, you will remember Mego, the main source for action figures.

My Classic TV (formerly TV Classics, TV Heaven)
Good site for finding information and videos of classic tv shows.

Saturday Morning Cartoon Website
Site that covers both live action and cartoon shows.

Sci-Fi Jumpgate
Information and tons of links for science fiction tv shows and movies.

The 70's Preservation Society
A celebration of music and memories of the 1970's.

Still Things
Great site for finding color and black & white stills from the various Saturday morning shows.

Super Saturday Morning TV Yahoo Club
A Yahoo club that covers both live action cartoon Saturday morning series from the 60s & 70s.

Toon Tracker
Great source for television animation info from all eras.

TV Gold
Great UK-based site dealing with classic television, features information on some Saturday morning content.

TV Party
Has Saturday morning schedules for most of the 70s, along with a wealth of information and video/audio clips from all eras/genres of television.

Sites That Link to This Page

The Astonishing World of Mr. Monopoly
Interesting site with great reviews of TV related books.


Fisby Kids
Site devoted to all things related to kids.

In Mike's Corner Actor Mike Pringle's Official Page.

Movies & TV World Showcase Galleries
Features title cards for all types of tv shows and movies.

Perverted by Language
Check it out for yourself.

TNT Monstervision
TNT's weekly showcase for oddball and classic fantasy, sci fi, and horror films.

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