Far Out Space Nuts


Bob DenverJunior
Chuck McCannBarney
Patty MaloneyHonk

Air Dates:

On CBS, from 9/6/75 - 9/4/76

Number of Episodes:


Plot Synopsis:

Barney and Junior, two NASA employees, were loading supplies on a spaceship when Junior mistakenly hit the launch button (Barney had said "lunch, not launch"). The spaceship sent them to a distant planet where they encountered Honk, a furry creature with a horn on the top of his head. They spent most of the season trying to avoid the various creatures/aliens they encountered while they tried to get home. In the final episode, Barney and Junior gained access to time machine-like device that took them back to the spaceship, right before Junior hit launch. Missing their friend Honk, Barney and Junior repeat the launch and start their adventures all over again.


Bob Denver is best known for portraying the title character on Gilligan's Island and the various spinoffs and sequels. While Chuck McCann has been active in television and films since the late 60s, he is probably best remembered as the "Hi guy" guy on the other side of the mirror in a series of commercials for Right Guard deodorant (TV Land occasionally airs at least one of these ads).


(May 2008) Once again, a three hour block of Krofft shows are airing on cable in California. Currently, the Far Out Space Nuts are not part of the block, but if the station follows their previous pattern, the show will be rotated into the lineup once some of the currently airing shows have aired all of their episodes. More information is available here.

Episode List:

It's All in Your Mind - Crystallitis - Robots of Pod - Fantastic Journey - Tower of Tagot - The Three Spacekateers - Flight of the Pippets - Birds of a Feather - Dangerous Game - Secrets of the Hexagon - Captain Torque, Space Pirate - Vanishing Aliens Mystery - Barney Begonia - Destination: Earth - Galaxy's Greatest Athlete

Short episode guide from TV Tome


Opening and Closing Themes

The Far Out Space Nuts page at Operation Space Nut has the theme and other sound clips from the show.

Images/Screen Captures:

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and Honk
Carradine from
"The Crystallites"

Front cover
of video
Back cover
of video


Far Out Space Nuts at Bob Denver's Official Page

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The first two episodes are available on VHS. Additionally, the "Birds Of A Feather" episode was included on the Krofft Box Set, which is available on VHS and DVD. Buy episodes through Amazon:

Volume 1

Krofft Box Set (DVD)

Krofft Box Set (VHS)

The first two episodes of the show were previoulsy released on video in the 1980s. Another five episodes of the show were included in Columbia House's "The World of Sid and Marty Krofft", Re-TV/Family series. These appear to be out of print, but used copies can usually be found on Ebay from time to time.

For more information on how to find this and other show, click here.

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